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Mike tyson merry chrithmath sweater

Christmas shirt. Mike Tyson Merry Chrithmith Christmas Sweater. Funny Mike Tyson “Merry Chrithmith” Funny Christmas Sweatshirt
There are ugly Christmas sweaters and then there are naughty Christmas sweaters.

The difference? While some holiday sweaters are downright atrocious, the naughty Christmas sweater is kinda (probably) offensive.
Credit Mike Tyson for this: He isn’t afraid to make fun of himself.

He proved that again Friday, when he released awesome t-shirts that you’ve got to see, to believe! Even if you weren’t a boxing fan, you knew who Mike Tyson was in the 1980s. Nintendo branded the Punch-Out game as Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and it was one of the most beloved NES games. He was famous for knocking out opponents with unprecedented punching power.

Buy it: https://myfrogtee.com/christmas-2016-t-shirt/ugly-christmas/merry-chrithmith-sweatshirt/

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